The goal of Project Commencement is to raise $100,000 to fund construction of three schools on three continents.  We have travelled around the world, building schools in Nicaragua and Mali, and our final mission is to build a school in Nepal.


We have seen the joy and hope a school can bring to a small community that lacked access to education before, and need your help to deliver that same promise to a community and Nepal.  Today, we have raised over $70,000 and have over 150 students enrolled in our two schools. 


We are now seeking to raise the final $30,000 but need your support in doing so!  Our goal is to raise the funds by August 1st, so that we are able to go to Nepal this fall to sign our agreement with the village and break ground on the school.  All of your contributions go to the construction of the school, as we have committed to pay our own expenses to deliver the school to the community.


To build our schools, we have partnered with buildOn, which has experience building over 600 schools around the world and is a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator.  To donate, please visit our page with buildOn.