We are currently raising $30,000 to build this school.  Please help us reach our goal by clicking the "Donate" link on the menu above!


After incredibly generous donations from our family, friends, colleagues, and other supporters, we raised our first $30,000 in just the first summer of 2009, travelling to the coffee-growing mountains of Nicaragua where we began construction on our first school.  After five weeks of hard work side-by-side with the men and women of the village, we completed the school in October 2009.  This school, in Santa Maria in the province of Yali, currently has 84 students (37 of which are girls) among four grade levels and three teachers.


In the summer of 2010, with close to $65,000 raised, we travelled to Africa to begin building our second school in Mali.  This school, completed by the end of the year in the village of Silamana, currently has 68 students (32 of which are girls) among six grades with two teachers.  The school, located in the southern region of Mali, continues to thrive despite the country's Taureg rebellion and a military coupe in 2012, proving the resiliancy of both the Malian people and the village of Silamana to give access to education to both its boys and girls.